It’s so difficult to be balanced. In fact, I’ll say it’s impossible to BE balanced, and difficult to strive for balance. We keep overshooting the mark each time. Life becomes a series of corrections, first to one side, then to the other.

Hopefully somehow we can manage to go along without falling into the ditch of extremity on one side or the other.

The balance I’m thinking of right now is the difficulty of definding Christianity from attacks by atheism, humanism, Gnosticism, mysticism or whatever else, and at the same time calling my Christian brethren to account for their extremes.

So, if you’re a Christian and you find my comments loathsome at times, try to remember that my intent in this blog is to speak (hopefully in a balanced way) to both you and another entirely different audience who doesn’t share your assumptions, and who have a secular, humanistic mindset.