My apologies to anyone who may have missed me during thee last month.
But it’s a new year, and I’m kicking it off with a post spurred by a refreshing post I just found at Rondam Ramblings.

Ron Garrett points out that just the mathematics of the idea that unbelievers of this life will spend eternity without the possibility of peace and repentance, is too awful for words. The darkness of “Christian” eternity for the masses of mankind is infinitely more evil than slavery, or the Holocaust, or any of the millions of lesser evils spawned by men and devils.

I gave Ron my take on the matter at http://rondam.blogspot.com/2005/12/queasy-about-christ.html

I hope that eventually my Christian brethren wake up to the simple common sense of folks like Ron Garrett, and re-examine the Bible to see that it really speaks of a loving God …. who loves his enemies just as he commands Christians to do, and provides the opportunities to learn valuable lessons and gain the humility and breadth of experience they need to freely choose ways of peace and justice as their way of life. That’s the kind of love God wants from his creatures — service to each other, appreciation for each other and a willingness to listen to God’s wise insights into how to live in harmony while treasuring diversity.