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The part of Israeli society which finds itself unable to believe the promises of Moses and the Prophets, has selected a new leader. They’ve gone from Peres to Peretz. He has already stated that he will consider bringing Arabs into his government.

At a rally held in memory of Yitzhak Rabin, former US president Clinton spoke. Among his words, as quoted by Arutz, are these:

“Do what Jews have done throughout history: Grieve, laugh, remember that God gives no guarantees, and get back to greening the desert of despair, one tree at a time.”

I suggest that my Jewish brethren, whether they believe in God at this time or not, can get better advice than that. They should stop having a passive attitude about their situation, merely grieving or laughing in the face of incredible provocations, and should instead take control of their land and their destiny. And they should forget the notion which their years of frustration has generated: that God gives no guarantees. On the contrary — God does indeed give guarantees, and the Jewish people need to do their part to claim and defend what God has guaranteed is his will: the re-establishment of Israel on its ancient homeland. God guaranteed it, and it has happened.

As Jews struggle for strength against the constant pressure of immoral, unbelieving, Gentile nations against the legitimacy of the state of Israel, they will be strongest when they choose to trust in the strength God has guaranteed he will supply. And they should remember, especially, another of God’s guarantees: that he will curse anyone who works against Israel and its God-given land.