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Yesterday I got to do two things that are part of Grandfather’s role, as I am discovering it. The first is fixing up the family’s house. Yesterday, it was a frustrating little plumbing leak. Also, looking into a refrigerator problem. And getting to hold the baby and help with its bath.

Guess what. These are fun things for a grandpa to do.

And for me they are insights into what God has in mind for the future. First he has to bring all those people, who had the potential of being his sons, back from the grave. He has to teach them his ways as he has promised he will do. If we think of Jesus and has bride as the first generation of God’s children, the spiritual generation, the fruitage of the rule of Messiah who gain their life from the Second Adam and the Second Eve will be…. God’s grandchildren.

Jesus and the church will have the heavy job, all the diapering and disciplining of those masses of mankind. But God will be enjoying the role of Grandfather, it seems to me. He’ll do special things to make their home better after so many years of being a shambles. He’ll anticipate the needs of all these children, and look for ways to show them grace and glory.

Looking forward — past the current Federal Reserve woes and debt troubles and energy fears — makes me happy, and it helps me to see why God is happy. Everything is under control and moving according to plan.